Cycle 1

Official Cast of Cycle 1: Giselle, Elyse, Robin, Shannon, Katie, Nicole, Kesse, Adrianne, Ebony & Tessa

ANTM: The Remake Cycle 1 is the first cycle of the Youtube show created by TalkingTopModel.

Episode SummariesEdit

The Girl Who Is A Natural BeautyEdit

First Call-Out: Ebony Haith

Bottom Two: Giselle Samson & Robin Manning

Eliminated: Robin Manning

The Girl Who Sells The ClothesEdit

First Call-Out: Katie Cleary

Bottom Two: Elyse Sewell & Giselle Samson

Eliminated: Giselle Samson

The Girls Who Don't Live Up To Their PotentialEdit

First Call-Out: Nicole Panattoni

Bottom Two: Elyse Sewell & Tessa Carlson

Eliminated: Elyse Sewell

The Girl Who Gets A New UserEdit

First Call-Out: Ebony Haith

Bottom Two: Adrianne Curry & Katie Cleary

Eliminated: Katie Cleary

The Girls Who Are At One With NatureEdit

First Call-Out: Shannon Stewart

Bottom Two: Kesse Wallace & Nicole Panattoni

Eliminated: Kesse Wallace

The Girl Who ElongatesEdit

First Call-Out: Nicole Panattoni

Bottom Two: Adrianne Curry & Tessa Carlson

Eliminated: No-one

The Girl Who Works The HorseEdit

First Call-Out: Ebony Haith

Bottom Two: Adrianne Curry & Shannon Stewart

Eliminated: Adrianne Curry

The Girl Who Gets Her Own FragranceEdit

First Call-Out: Tessa Carlson

Bottom Two: Ebony Haith & Nicole Panattoni

Eliminated: Nicole Panattoni

The Girls Who Become FinalistsEdit

First Finalist: Tessa Carlson

Second Finalist: Shannon Stewart

Eliminated: Ebony Haith

The Girl Who Wins It AllEdit

Covergirl of the Cycle: Tessa Carlson

America's Next Top Model: Tessa Carlson

Runner-Up: Shannon Stewart


Name Age User Place
Robin Manning 26 Elyse1417 10th
Giselle Samson 18 simonettino1 9th
Elyse Sewell 20 jcancer2011 8th
Katie Cleary 21 TopModel999999 7th
Kesse Wallace 21 shikamaru123ful 6th
Adrianne Curry 20 MaxRoc21 5th
Nicole Panattoni 22 shikamaru123ful 4th
Ebony Haith 24 FaerieAngel22 3rd
Shannon Stewart 18 nolyroly1 2nd
Tessa Carlson 19 FaerieAngel22 WINNER
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Finale
Ebony Katie Nicole Ebony Shannon Nicole Ebony Tessa Tessa Tessa
Shannon Ebony Adrianne Shannon Ebony Ebony Tessa Shannon Shannon Shannon
Kesse Nicole Shannon Kesse Adrianne Shannon Nicole Ebony Ebony
Adrianne Shannon Ebony Tessa Tessa Adrianne Shannon Nicole
Katie Kesse Katie Nicole Nicole Tessa Adrianne
Nicole Tessa Kesse Adrianne Kesse
Tessa Adrianne Tessa Katie
Elyse Elyse Elyse
Giselle Giselle